Natural and regular personal maternity care

Working in the region of Zandvoort, Haarlem, Amsterdam

Your Maternity Time

In the first period after delivery, it is important for mother and baby to gain strength and pay attention to the bonding process. A brand new mother and her newborn child need attention and care. The first 40 days after birth are crucial to rest and rebalance your energy. As a doula I support you and your partner with your personal preparation for birth and during labor itself. As maternity care provider I can continue to support you after the birth. You can also book me as a maternity care -kraamzorg only. For customers who choose a doula maternity care option, I give a 150 euro discount on doula packages. I have been working with Martine Vogelzang since July 2020 and I followed my training with Martine.

Maternity care tasks are:

Checks on the mother and child

Provide information and instructions

Breastfeeding support

Observing, identifying and communicating with the midwife

Basic household 

You can use additional options that I offer:

  moxa treatment

  belly massage

castor oil belly wrap

benkung belly binding

foot massage

balanced postpartum lomi lomi massage

rebozo wrapping ritual as the end of the postpartum period

placenta capsulation

I focus on intuitive care, which meets your needs.

Rates and fees

The number of hours of maternity care is agreed during the intake, for which we use the National Indication Protocol. This National Indication Protocol indicates how many hours of care you are entitled to on the basis of your family and medical situation. On average this is 49 hours (when breastfeeding) spread over 8 days. If extra hours of care are required, the midwife is ultimately responsible and must agree to this.

Have you already received part of the maternity care in the hospital? Then I subtract the average number of hours per day from the number of hours that have been determined. The maternity care is not obligatory. The statutory minimum hours of maternity care is 24 hours. The hours that the maternity assistant is present during the birth are separate from the basic maternity care hours. You are insured through the basic insurance for the intake, assistance during delivery and the maternity care itself. Your insurer reimburses the care on the basis of the National Indication Protocol. With basic insurance you have to pay a personal contribution. Depending on how you are additionally insured, these costs may or may not be reimbursed by your health insurer.

Source: National Protocols

Doula services are partially reimbursed by the number of insurers. Inform yourself well with your insurer.