Pregnancy massage

€75 One 60 min session

€120 One 90 min session ( at your home €150 one session 2h)

Belly binding

€150 One binding session with personal instruction on how to wrap yourself.

€65 each additional sessions

You can hire wraps available for purchase in varying designs and colors and for an additional fee €70

€70 You can buy a colour wrap

Holistic Kraamzorg services

49h/24h care

Included in health insurance

Birth Doula Services

€250 Registration: paid when an agreement signed

– €150 your gift by booking Kraamzorg services

€850 Balance paid till end of 35 week
€0,25/km Costs of travels for a birth (Haarlem-no costs)

Total price €1100

Additional Services

€120 Pregnancy Massage 90 min.
€120 Overdue treatment; invitation of the baby (from 41+4 days)      €75 Additional prenatal or postpartum visit
€175 Placenta encapsulation                                                                   

 €80 Lotus birth
€170 Rebozo closing ritual

Mama plan treatments – ask me for more details


Meet up meeting,
2 prenatal visits,
1 meeting with a midwife /doctor
Unlimited email and telephone support 24/7 for 3 weeks before the date of delivery and 2 weeks after,
1 meeting after delivery, any additional meeting, massage session, relaxation, supporting session to induce your labor, paid extra (materials: oils, herbs, homeopathy included)


Meeting before delivery if possible,
Unlimited email and telephone support 24/7 3 weeks before the date of delivery and 2 weeks after childbirth
1 meeting after delivery
Travel costs 0.25 per km except Haarlem
3 meetings at the price of care; each additional according to price list 


Placenta services

€175 Preparing and encapsulating your placenta

free Sake (on request)

€25 Picking up the placenta (pickup&bring €50)

€35 Tincture 50ml

€35 Balsam 50g

Evening for polish couples ” Pregnant in The Netherlands -road map”

For five years, in cooperation with the local midwives and JGZ,I  have been organizing informative evenings about care during pregnancy and delivery in The Netherlands in Polish language. The purpose of these meetings is both information on the differences between the Polish and local care system, as well as familiarization with the basic issues related to labor law, administrative matters (e.g. erkening ) and many other tips. Here you will find, among others:
how the labor begins
delivery a baby at home, hospital, or maybe a delivery center
advantages of vertical delivery positions
how to deal with pain
the role of the midwife, doula, gynecologist
forms of contraception after the delivery

C plan preparation

You are going to prepare your childbirth plan together with your midwife. However, if you would like to express, analyze and translate your wishes related to it I offer my help.

1,5h consult €75


Is one of the techniques to warm organs in the body. Moxa are wormwood cigar made of Chinese wormwood leaves. Individual points of the body are heated by holding it at a distance of 1-1.5 cm above the skin. The treatment is not painful and the pleasant heat spreads pleasantly over the body. It is a heat therapy and heat increases health, relaxes, loosens up the muscles. Inside the mother’s body is the entire world of the child and to develop the baby properly, the body temperature of the mother must be in balance. Emotions related to fear, stress are chilling the body, which is why I use moxa as well as in sessions to induce labor when the date of the birth is approaching and there is a risk of medical intervention such as giving birth in the hospital. I also use this therapy for inducing labor when the water breaks without contractions as well as in relaxation sessions, weakening or cooling down of the body.

Used during massage, pre- and postnatal sessions, belly binding.